Small groups, which we refer to as Shepherding Groups are a vital part of our church and are the arena in which much of the practical ministry is carried out within our congregation. Our groups serve two primary functions: first, they provide a way for hospitality and encouragement to happen in the context of relationships; second, they provide a way for every person to use their gifts and abilities to serve and care for one another. Each of our groups are intentionally designed to reflect the diversity of our congregation are therefore each composed of a variety of people in different seasons and stages of life.

Our mid-week gathering time on Wednesdays includes Nursery for infants and toddlers, Pioneer Clubs for children (grades K4-6), Youth Group for teens (grades 7-12), and small groups in homes for adults, which we refer to as Shepherding Groups. Our children and teens meet at the church and begin at 6:15 pm.

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