Mission Partner - Mark Schaaf


Mark's primary ministry is to develop and disciple national church leaders and teachers around the globe.  Using the Walk Thru the Bible curriculum as a tool for training, he and his wife Cathy are part of seeing the Gospel advance worldwide.  They have been part of our mission partner team for over 25 years. 

Easter Sunday - Seeing Jesus, Part 2

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In our Palm Sunday service last week we considered how we see Jesus and what may currently be getting in the way of us seeing him clearly. This week in our Easter service we will follow up with "Seeing Jesus, part 2", taken from John 12:44-50. In doing so we will explore why it is important for us to see and understand that Jesus is truly alive.

Palm Sunday - Seeing Jesus, Part 1


As we use this Palm Sunday to begin preparation for Easter, we will revisit Christ’s final entrance into Jerusalem before his death. In doing so we will consider the various ways he was seen and responded to by those who witnessed this event. And, ultimately, we will use this as an opportunity to reflect on our own lives and ask what might be preventing us from seeing and responding to Jesus for who he is. Please join us this Sunday as we consider “Seeing Jesus”, taken from John 12:20-26.

Looking At Church - Foundations

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This Sunday we will begin a new sermon series entitled Looking at Church. Have you ever wondered why church is important or what church is supposed to be like? Why do we do the things we do in church and what is it that God cares about when it comes to church? In 1 Timothy, the apostle Paul writes to the young pastor Timothy to answer these types of questions. As we take a look at this book together over the next several weeks, we will see God's heart for his church and his desire to use each and every one of us to advance his kingdom through his church. Please join us as we jump in this week to look at key foundations of the church in 1 Timothy 1:1-11.

Resolving To Dwell In Unity

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As we get closer to resuming our regular weekly gathering times we will look at Psalm 133 this Sunday. This psalm serves as a helpful reminder of who we want to be and how we want to relate to one another as a church family. In the spirit of new year's resolutions, our sermon is titled "Resolving to Dwell in Unity"and will help us to remember how much the Lord enjoys seeing his children love and serve one another as the body of Christ.