Living the Dream - Humility

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Genesis 44 - Joseph is in the middle of saving the world, his brothers are needing to be saved, and instead of handing out justice for the wrongs done against him, Joseph continues to test his brothers, trusting that God’s plan and purpose would ultimately be accomplished. His response, these 20 years later, is one of humility, and, believe it or not, even his dirty rotten brothers have been transformed to the point of being able to also demonstrate humility in the midst of their own trials. We have the same choice today as Joseph and his brothers had; respond to the circumstances around us by selfishly pursuing what we think is best, or humbly submit to the working out of God’s plan as he transforms us by his grace.

Living the Dream - God is BEYOND Our Understanding

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We continue our summer sermon series on the life of Joseph, with Genesis 43, where the story has the brothers going back to Egypt. Even though Jacob and the brothers can't begin to fully understand what is going on, little by little, we can see them beginning to recognize the sovereign hand of God at work. As we walk with the Lord, there are great truths to be learned from their experiences.
God's ways are not our ways. He is beyond our understanding!

Living the Dream - Guilt

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In Genesis 42 the Lord begins to bring about circumstances which will lead to reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers. In order to bring this about, the brothers must come to a place where they confess their guilty actions toward Joseph to the Lord. This raises a good question for us: what exactly is the role of guilt in the Christian life? As we will see in this passage, the Lord desires to use guilt over sin as a vehicle for extending his grace to us.

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Digging Deeper: When Guilt Overwhelms

Living the Dream - Faithfulness

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Genesis 41:37-57 - As the story continues, Joseph begins to experience new challenges to his faith that are very different than what he has experienced to this point. As he does so, this message takes a look at how he remains faithful to the Lord and what we can learn about how the Lord cultivates increasing faithfulness to him in our own lives.

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Digging Deeper: Cultivating Faithfulness

Living the Dream - Forgotten?

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Have you ever been forgotten? Though we see Joseph forgotten by others at the end of Genesis 40, he is never forgotten by the Lord. As we look at chapter 41, we see Joseph finally taking the first steps of coming fully into God's calling on his life. It is a reminder for those whose faith is in Christ to remain active in our faith even when it seems like nothing is happening, trusting that we are never forgotten by the Lord.

Living the Dream - Waiting

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As we continue our study of the Joseph story, in Genesis 40 we find Joseph in prison waiting. Waiting is a common part of our lives, and is often very difficult. This sermon focuses on how Joseph waited for God's promises to be fulfilled in a very difficult situation and how we should wait here in this fallen world for Christ's promised return.

Living the Dream - Testing

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As we continue to look at the life of Joseph, we will see this week how his faith is tested in Genesis 39. As he encounters an unknown culture that presents new and unexpected challenges to his faith, he will learn that the Lord is always with him. The same is true for those who follow Christ; even as we experience various trials and temptations in this life, the Lord uses these as opportunities to build genuineness and perseverance into our faith as we remember that he is always with us.

Living the Dream - Courage

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Genesis 38 - In this sermon, we take a brief detour from the life of Joseph in order to examine the life of one of his brothers, Judah. Though Judah begins as one who carelessly lives his life along the lines of his own whims and self-gratifying appetites, he comes to the see the error of his ways and is transformed by the Lord. As we look at his life, we will be reminded that God's grace extends to all of us through Christ, regardless of our past.

Living the Dream - Growth

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This Sunday we continued our "Living the Dream" series on the life of Joseph. As we looked at Genesis 37:12-36, we saw how Joseph's faith in the Lord grew, giving him the ability to endure suffering at the hands of his brothers. Likewise, in order for our faith in the Lord to grow, times of suffering are often necessary. However, it is also in these difficult times that we can experience the faithfulness of the Lord in new and deeper ways.

Living the Dream - The Joseph Story

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One of the major themes of the Joseph story is that God is always at work in the lives of those who trust in him. Though there are times it is difficult for us to see God at work in our circumstances, this story reminds us that "he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus" (Philippians 1:6) because "we know that for those who love God all things work together for good" (Romans 8:28).

New Song

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This sermon looks at David's testimony of the Lord's deliverance recorded in Psalm 40:1-3. He found himself in a predicament, took a certain posture, after which he made a proclamation. While reading the passage you will likely reverberate familiarly with David regarding a current or former life situation.

Conversations With Christ - Part 2

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In this Easter Sunday message, we consider what kind of life Christ offers to us. His work on our behalf is not contained to merely his death, but also includes his resurrection, and he now offers his resurrection life to us in order to restore us to the life we were created for. To explore this we will look at another one of Jesus' conversations, one with a guy named Nicodemus, who, like us, is curious about the kind of life Christ offers and how we can experience this life

Conversations With Christ

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Our Palm Sunday message focuses on a number of different conversations Jesus had during his earthly ministry. As we look at John 1:43-51, we will see how Jesus invites us to be open and honest with him, willing to come before him in our brokenness and doubts, so that we can experience his grace and mercy through his death and resurrection on our behalf. 

Chasing Eternity: Wise Words

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The final sermon in our "Chasing Eternity" sermon series from Ecclesiastes focuses on the author's final words of wisdom. As he reflects on his words from throughout the book, we will think about how all the words of scripture point us to the living Word, Christ, who is our source of wisdom in each and every season of life.

Chasing Eternity: Life and Death

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As our "Chasing Eternity" series continued out of Ecclesiastes, we considered the realities of life and death. What is the proper expectation of what life should be like, and what can we expect after death? We looked at how the author of Ecclesiastes examines these realities in light of who God is and ultimately points us forward to Christ and the new life he offers to us as one who has defeated sin and death.

Chasing Eternity: Time

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Ecclesiastes 3 - We all live with the same amount of hours in each day, with no ability to make those hours go either slower or faster. As we feel the limitations of time, the Lord desires to use those limitations as one of the ways he teaches us to trust in him. As we explore the topic of time we will ultimately see how God sent his own Son into time in order to redeem us from sin and also redeem the time he has given each of us here on earth.

Chasing Eternity: Pleasure

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In Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 we again see that any “under the sun” (life without God) pursuit, including pleasure, results in vanity, emptiness, a meaningless end. Our society is obsessed with pleasure in a myriad of forms, inventing new ones every day. Fortunately, the Creator of pleasure provides us with an eternal perspective in our approach to this topic.

Chasing Eternity: Work

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All of us have been given work to do, whether in the realm of business or family or academics. So, how do we learn to view and approach our work with God's perspective? As we explore this topic, we will be reminded that our work can only have eternal significance as it is grounded in the finished work of Christ's death and resurrection, whereby we have been saved by grace and have become God's "workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works" (Ephesians 2:10).

Chasing Eternity: Wisdom

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We continued our "Chasing Eternity" series out of Ecclesiastes this week with a look at wisdom. There are many principles for living wisely that can be helpful and good, but they all eventually fall short in providing true fulfillment and satisfaction. Ultimately, to live with God's wisdom is to receive Christ and his death and resurrection on our behalf. 

Chasing Eternity

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This Sunday we began a new series in Ecclesiastes entitled "Chasing Eternity." Have you ever felt frustrated by life, feeling that despite your best efforts, life always seems to get the best of you? Why is that the experience for so many of us? And why would the Lord perhaps even set it up that way? In this challenging book from the category of Old Testament wisdom, we started to examine how wisdom can emerge from frustration, and that, ultimately, the wisdom of God is made available to us through Christ in even the most frustrating of circumstances.