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Sermon Synopsis 

Psalm 119:49-56

We have the opportunity to relate to the Lord through his words that have been written down for us in the Bible. These words are made alive to us by the Holy Spirit (our comforter), who consistently points us back to Christ, the living Word. V.49-56 provide us with three specific comforts from God’s word:

  1. God’s word produces hope in our hardships: though we are guaranteed affliction in following Christ, the scriptures provide refreshment and life-giving sustenance to our souls.

  2. God’s word produces commitment in our contending: when we struggle to trust in God’s goodness, the scriptures provide stability and language for us to express our struggle.

  3. God’s word produces songs in our sojourning: when we feel the “eternal ache” of being sojourners in a world that is not our home, the scriptures become songs that soothe us.


Ideas for Engaging God’s Word 

  1. Pick a specific time and place to read, whether it’s in your favorite chair early in the morning or on your porch while your kids are napping or on a park bench during your lunch break.

  2. Start small and simple. Shoot for 10 minutes each day.

  3. Have a reading plan. Potential options include:

    1. reading through the Gospel of John

    2. reading one chapter a day from the Old Testament and New Testament

    3. reading one psalm each day

    4. picking a verse or passage to memorize and reading it once a day for an entire week.

  4. Chew on what you read by asking these questions:

    1. what in this passage is new to me? 

    2. what questions do I have about this passage?

    3. what does this passage teach me about God and about myself?

    4. how does this passage point me to Christ?

    5. how does this passage help me to love God and love others?

  5. Use a good study Bible to dig deeper. My favorites are:

  6. For children, check out either of the following...

  7. Commit to attending Sunday School regularly to learn and discuss the scriptures with others!