Advent | Comfort in Affliction

Comfort in Affliction | Listen to Sermon Audio

Sermon Synopsis

II Corinthians 1:3-7

Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians contains a plethora of verses for us during seasons of suffering. Time after time in this letter, Paul encourages the struggling Corinthians by reminding them of what Christ has accomplished on their behalf through his death and resurrection. The following is my top ten list of truths from 2 Corinthians, with the chapter and verse references for each in parentheses:

  1. We share in the triumph of Christ over sin and death (2:14-15)

  2. We can bring life to others because of Christ’s life in us through the Spirit (3:5-6)

  3. We have power through Christ to live for God despite being “afflicted in every way” (4:7-10)

  4. We are controlled by the love of Christ so that we might live for him (5:14-15)

  5. We are a new creation in Christ, having been reconciled to God through him (5:17-18)

  6. We are the righteousness of God through Christ, because he took our sin upon himself (5:20-21)

  7. We receive salvation from Christ as godly grief produces repentance in our lives (7:9-10)

  8. We have received God’s gift of grace through Christ, so that we can now give cheerfully (9:6-8)

  9. We have divine power through Christ to overcome spiritual opposition (10:3-5)

  10. We possess the power and strength of Christ in the midst of our weaknesses (12:7-10)

May these truths from God’s word strengthen us as we encounter all manner of suffering and hardships!