Advent | Comfort In Salvation

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Sermon Synopsis

Isaiah 12

Following the exhortation of the author of Hebrews to not neglect our great salvation, we would do well to remember the following truths concerning our salvation in Christ:

  1. Salvation satisfies the wrath of God: the wrath of God was fully poured out on Christ, so that those whose faith is in Christ experience deliverance from the sin that separates us from God

  2. Salvation is personal and communal: every person must receive Christ individually, but our personal relationship with Christ can only be developed as we are in relationship with others

  3. Salvation is complete and continuous: those who are in Christ are fully forgiven and accepted by God, but our faith is deepened as we learn to trust the Lord through seasons of dryness

  4. Salvation produces joy: God becomes our greatest delight as we learn to worship him both in good and bad times

  5. Salvation produces proclamation: as the good news of the gospel gets into us deeply, our lives our meant to become a message that points others to Christ

Questions for Personal or Family Devotions

  1. Reflect and/or share when, where, how you came to faith in Christ. What was your life like before Christ? How is your life now different because of Christ?

  2. When is a time you experienced joy in the Lord as a result of clearly recognizing him at work in your life? Express your thanksgiving to him for this today.

  3. As mentioned in the sermon, we have each been given a unique piece of earth in which to make the Lord known. Think through your week this week. Where will you be and who will you be around? How can you demonstrate the love of Christ to those in your path this week?

A prayer to pray in a season of dryness (adapted from “Valley of Vision”)

Oh Lord you know that I am at a loss to know what you would have me do. You know that I feel deserted by you and sense little of your presence. Help my soul to breath after holiness, after devotion to you, after growth in grace more abundantly every day. Help me to hold out until the hour of deliverance comes. I look to you and lean upon you and need you at all times to assist me and lead me. May all my distresses and apprehensions prove to be the school of Christ, teaching me the great lesson of humility, that I might be greater fit for serving you and others.